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Origin coin: ICH
New coin: ICH
1500 ICH per applicant ($150)
Origin coin: Barthor
New coin: Barthor
Help us to promote this project and
Get a free Masternode in the value of 30.000$

Barthor´s focus is to make a worth stable crypto coin for a successful mass adoption and will launch several own platforms that accept Barthor for 3$ or more!!!

Join our Telegram Bounty Bot

Earn 3 Barthor Token for every partner you refer!

Token giveaway for the top 500 Bounty Bot members

Top 1-100 members - receive 10.000 Barthor
Top 101- 200 members - receive 5.000 Barthor
Top 201- 300 members - receive 2.500 Barthor
Top 301- 400 members - receive 1.000 Barthor
Top 401-500 members - receive 500 Barthor

Barthor masternode = 10.000 Barthor
Origin coin: DOLLA
New coin: DOLLA
Business owners will receive 250,000 DLA tokens! Enter url of website or facebook page.
1 DLA = 0.002$

Business owners must join a minimum of 2 Dolla social channels and remain active in the channels until after the Airdrop

The merchant agrees to accept Dolla as a form of payment in their business

The merchant agrees for the use of their logo and/or website to be used for marketing purposes

The merchant will post in each of the two social channels that they have joined the Dolla merchant network

Place your facebook page or website url for business verification.

Origin coin: ETH
New coin: NOCC
We're launching an airdrop of 20 millon Noccoin NOCC Tokens ($200,000 value) to grow our community and reward early adopters.

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